Scaled Quail Hunting

Scaled Quail hunting

Scaled Quail have black tipped feathers that cover almost their entire body and look like scales, as suggested by their name. Scaled Quail also have a small pointed cream crest on the top of their head. Scaled Quail grow up to a foot in length and up to 7 or 8 oz in weight. Scaled Quail are found in the southwestern region of the United States and in most parts of Mexico. Scaled Quail prefer a dry climate, which explains why they are found in the desert. Scaled Quail are known to fly up to a mile to get water because the dry climate does not have very accessible water.

The grassy portions of the desert provide cover and food for Scaled Quail. Their typical diet consists of grass, seeds, wheat and corn. Typically, Scaled Quail are in coveys of 30 to 40 birds, but in the winter time the coveys double.

Similar to the California Quail and Mountain Quail, Scaled Quail tend to run instead of flush when scared. Scaled Quail are known for their evasive maneuvers; they usually run and scatter when waiting for predators to pass by instead of holding tight. Because of this behavior, it is easy to follow one or two birds and get a decent shot. Hunters prefer to use field loads with a size 7 1/2 or 8 shot and 12 to 20-guage shot gun. A close working dog will also make it easier to pin down any birds that are straggling behind.



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