Mourning Dove Hunting


Mourning Dove Hunting

The Mourning Dove is located all around the United States and Mexico. Mourning Doves are closely related to the pigeon and white-winged dove, growing up to a foot in length and 5 oz in weight. Mourning Doves can be distinguished by their light grey and brown coloring.

Mourning Doves are a migratory bird, spending most of their time in the north. However, Mourning Doves fly south immediately when the cold comes. Mourning Doves fly south in packs from 20 to 100 birds and are able to survive anywhere including cities, fields or forests. Mourning Doves' diet usually consists of seeds, but they also eat wheat, oats and corn.

Mourning Doves often roost in dead trees that are close to their watering holes. A Mourning Doves daily routine consists of eating once in the morning and once at night and after they eat they pick up gravel to help with digestion and water to wash it down.

Mourning Doves are very difficult to kill because of their erratic and serrated flights, often taking 8to 10 shots to down them. Mourning Doves have an above average speed, reaching around 60 miles an hour. It is a good idea to hunt near still water sources, since Mourning Doves always go to water after eating. Most hunters pass shoot doves when they are entering or leaving feeding and watering areas. A 12-gauge shotgun with along barrel and a size 7 1/2 or 8 shot is usually preferred.



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