Common Snipe Hunting

snipe hunting

Common snipe are found in both North and Central America. Common Snipe birds look and act very similar to the Woodcock; however, Common Snipe prefer much wetter areas to roost in. Also the Common Snipe weighs half as much as the Woodcock, but they consume the same types of foods. Common snipe are known to forage in soft mud where they probe for food. Common Snipe's typical diet includes insects, earthworms and plant material.

Common snipe have short green-grey legs and a very long straight dark bill. Common Snipe's body is mottled brown on top and pale underneath. Common Snipe also have a dark stripe across the eye, with lighter stripes both above and below.

During courtship, the Common Snipe male performs a “winnowing” display, which includes flying in high circles followed by shallow dives. Throughout this process they make a very distinctive sound call taivaanvuohi, which is Finnish for goat of the sky because the sound is very similar to the baaing of a goat.

Common snipe are very shy and typically conceal themselves close to ground vegetation. They only will flush if they are approached closely and will then fly off in a zigzag pattern to confuse their predators.



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